Trees Without Masks

Michael McGirr

Following the success of Michael McGirrs' Trees in Solitude, Prayers and Images for Pentecost, we are pleased to present a second ‘Trees’ series from Michael, Trees Without Masks.

Over the coming weeks we will share these beautiful prayers and images. Below is his seventh prayer.


God of bad hair days,
We thank you for the sheoak
Perhaps the most untidy of all your trees.
It looks like it just got out of bed, it’s branches and leaves all over the place.
Yet its texture of greys and greens are the most subtle shades in the bush.
Its thousands of tiny branches dance in hot winds and cold gales
When the rest of us have sought shelter.
Help us to be true to ourselves,
To appreciate our unkempt beauty,
To stand our ground in all seasons,
Not to disguise our mess, our confusion, our search for love
Which is wonderful in your eyes even when it is frustrating in our own.

Download the PDF of his prayers here.

If you have enjoyed Michael McGirr's TREES series, pre-order his new Advent and Christmas book. Click on the image for more information.

Michael McGirr has taken the idea of the perennial favourite – the Advent calendar – and created a book where each day of Advent reveals a different doorway into the world around us. Accompanying each beautiful image is a scripture prompt and reflection that inspires readers to consider the many different doorways through which God can come into their lives. 


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