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Francis Moloney Easter Pack

Francis Moloney Easter Pack

Francis J. Moloney
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Pack containing 3 books by Francis Moloney:

Friendly Guide to the Resurrection of Jesus

Christians take it for granted that Jesus rose from the dead. Without this belief, there would be no such thing as Christianity as we know it. How was this belief born? Once it was alive and central to the lives of the earliest Christians, how did they pass on their belief to following generations? This Friendly Guide traces the earliest confessions of faith in the Risen Jesus, from the first moments of the life of the Church, to the stories from Paul, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. These inspired writings convey not only what happened, but also what it meant to the earliest Christians, and what it continues to mean today.

Friendly Guide to the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the most challenging book in the New Testament and has puzzled believers from the earliest decades of the Christian Church. Professor Francis Moloney has reframed the apocalyptic narratives that describe what will happen at the end of time, offering the reader new understanding and fascinating insights into a “new look” in Revelation studies.

Reading Revelation at Easter Time

Revelation is one of the most difficult and misinterpreted texts in the Christian Scriptures, yet it is widely used in the liturgical life of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Reading Revelation at Easter Time, Francis Moloney explores it as a celebration of the perennial and ongoing effects of Jesus' death and resurrection. After an introduction to Revelation, the book provides an interpretation for each biblical reading in the Liturgy of the Hours across the Easter period. A presentation of every passage from Revelation used elsewhere in the Roman liturgy is also provided by means of a different typeface across the commentary. Readers are invited to rejoice in the ongoing victory of "the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world" (Rev 13:8).


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