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Spirit of Jesus: Make Jesus Real Grades 3 and 4 Second Edition

Spirit of Jesus: Make Jesus Real Grades 3 and 4 Second Edition

Jason Perry & Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

Make Jesus Real has been updated and refreshed, but the core aims of this unique education resource remains the same – respect, resilience, self-discipline, good decision making, friendship, and positive behaviours.

The activities and messages found in Make Jesus Real will inspire students to have a positive attitude to life and respect for others by living Jesus’ message daily.

The new themed layout has been created in response to teacher feedback and will make using this resource even easier.

More than a workbook, Make Jesus Real is also a journal where students can record their experiences. More than that, it’s a book for life – one that students can refer to in years to come.

Make Jesus Real is designed to enhance and complement your existing religious education curriculum – not replace it!

Make Jesus Real is a practical and activity based philosophy, supported by the use of the Make Jesus Real workbook produced by Peter Mitchell and published by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office and Garratt Publishing.

Make Jesus Real is supported by additional Teacher resources. Visit for more information.

Spirit of Jesus is a valuable resource that aims to assist students in developing a lifelong relationship with Jesus and his message. This workbook encourages children at Grade 3 and 4 levels to become ‘switched on’ to the presence of Jesus’ spirit in their daily lives.

Spirit of Jesus is full of contemporary activities based on current pedagogy that are designed to engage, excite and support students on their faith journey.

Topics include:
- gospel values
- sacraments
- spirituality
- positive behaviours and attitudes
- a reflective journal to record students’ own experiences of the spirit of Jesus in their lives

Spirit of Jesus invites children to actively make sense of their Catholic identity through everyday exchanges at home and at school – to see the gospel values in their lived experience. This approach enables students to grow a meaningful commitment to their faith, in the belief that the spirit of Jesus is with them every day. Spirit of Jesus, like Make Jesus Real (the Grade 5 and 6 workbook), is a book for life – one that students can refer to in years to come.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our students is the realisation that they have the Spirit of Jesus in their hearts and they can recognise his Spirit in them and others.
‘Mitch’ – Peter Mitchell (Author of Make Jesus Real)


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