2024 MJR National Conference – Perth

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 MJR National Conference.

Please note that this conference has now been postponed. We now plan to gather in 2025.

Not all is bad news though!

Despite the postponement, we are currently exploring a series of Online Events that will begin in Term 2 and run through Term 3. These events are likely to feature some of the great speakers that were to present at the conference. They will offer inspiring ideas, insights, and proven ways to ‘make Jesus even more real’ in your school communities.

Click here to register your interest in these upcoming online events. 

In the absence of the conference, there is a wide range of resources and ideas to help you implement and make the most of MJR at the following websites:

For primary school communities visit https://makejesusreal.com.au/
For secondary school communities visit https://www.mjr247.com.au/

We appreciate your support for Garratt Publishing and the Make Jesus Real initiatives. 

The MJR Team


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