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Catholic Youth Diary - A faith-filled student diary that aids study techniques

Catholic Youth Diary - A faith-filled student diary that aids study techniques


Australia’s trusted provider of Catholic Religious Education Resources offers tailored student diaries that will enrich your school community, reinforce what it means to be Catholic, and help your students improve their study techniques and time management.

Garratt Publishing’s Catholic Youth Diary can be fully customised to meet your school’s needs, its charism, its timetable, and much more. Plus, our experienced and friendly staff will make the transition to your new diary seamless!

Why a paper diary?
Encoding is the first step in creating a memory. By physically writing in a paper-based diary from Garratt Publishing, your students are more likely to keep track of their tasks, assignments, and school events.
‘...studies show that physically writing [as opposed to digitally] helps to encode information better... ’– The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking by Pam A Muller and Daniel M Oppenheimer, and published by the Psychological Science in 2014. 

What makes the Catholic Youth Diary different to other diaries?
It’s the only diary that has Australian Catholic Content specially written for Catholic secondary students. Updated each year, each week includes exclusive content that explores Feast Days, Scripture, messages from Pope Francis, the Catholic faith in today's world, and the importance of being kind. 
In addition to the calendar pages, the Catholic Youth Diary offers specifically Catholic perspectives on subjects of interest to students – such as the environment, relationships, Indigenous Reconciliation, and the future Church.Plus there's useful information on the Bible, the Gospel, and the Mass! Wellness and study tips are also available.

Can the Catholic Youth Diary be customised?
You can include key school dates, events, and information. The design of the calendar pages can also be customised. There is no limit on the level of customisation or number of school pages.

What will the cover be?
We can design a cover for you (at no extra cost) or you can supply your own artwork.

Print deadline
Diaries are created and printed in Australia so we are able to offer a print deadline in Term Four – enabling you to include important staffing and calendar information.

What is the price?
Price is dependent the specifications. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Our diary price is all-inclusive (including delivery) – no hidden costs!

Three size options – B5, Quarto, or A4. 

Calendar Design
The standard calendar layout is available in portrait or landscape orientation.

Portrait Calendar Page Sample

Landscape Calendar Page Sample

Customised Calendar Pages
At no extra cost, we can design the calendar pages to suit your school's needs. Just tell us what features you need or layout you like, and we will design the pages! Below is a selection of layouts we have created.

Click on the images for a closer look.

Customised Wellness Pages
We have a variety of topics available or we can work with you to create your own bespoke pages. Below are some examples.

Click on the images for a closer look.

School Information
We have no limit to the amount of pages you can have.



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