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Road to Eternal Life

Road to Eternal Life

Michael Casey
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In the Prologue of his Rule, St Benedict maps out the road that leads to heaven; he lays the foundation for life in a community that seeks God. The themes that are present throughout the Rule – obedience, humility, prayer, fear of the Lord, eternal life – are grounded in this important Prologue. By reflecting on the Prologue one verse at a time, Michael Casey OCSO delves into the richness of meaning that can be found in Benedict’s words. These reflections, first given as talks made available on his community’s web site, build a bridge between sixth-century text and twenty-first century Christians.

In The Road to Eternal Life, Casey invites readers to reflect on the Prologue in light of their own experiences, to seek "the road that leads to salvation".

Michael Casey OCSO has been a monk of Tarrawarra Abbey since 1960. After completing a degree in Scripture at Leuven, he received his doctorate from Melbourne College of Divinity for a study of desire for God in the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux. For the past decades he has been engaged in exploring different aspects of monastic spirituality, writing, and giving conferences throughout the English-speaking monastic world. His books include Strangers to the City (Paraclete Press, 2005), A Guide to Living in the Truth (Liguori, 2001), and Sacred Reading (Liguori, 1996).


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