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A Soul for Australia? Reading Fosco Antonio’s My Reality paperback

A Soul for Australia? Reading Fosco Antonio’s My Reality paperback

John Gatt-Rutter
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Fosco speaks as a member of Post-Christian Society that has emerged from the Great Walk-Out from established religion but as one who cannot subscribe to the Economic Myth of Rational Humanism. Fosco’s text, which he dubs My Reality, is republished in this volume, accompanied by six exploratory essays, ranging from the supportive to the dismissive, which seek to open up debate on the issues which he poses. Can we work towards a society in which humane values prevail, or must we accept that ours is, for lack of a better, the best of possible worlds?

“Wildly eccentric, imaginative and searingly polemical, Fosco Antonio’s My Reality inquires whether modern Australia has a soul and, if it does, what the contours of that soul might be. The accompanying essays written by intellectuals from various cultural perspectives, explore Antonio’s extraordinary book and its implications for postmodern multicultural life in the Antipodes. A mind-expanding read all-round!”

Richard Freadman 
Retired Professor of English and
Director, Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography
La Trobe University


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