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Jane Austen - Literary Portals to Prayer

Jane Austen - Literary Portals to Prayer

Rachel Hart Winter

A revolutionary way to pray for modern times. On one side is a bible verse from The Message by Eugene Peterson and on the other side is a relevant excerpt from a classic author. Think of it as a literary lectio divina.

Jane Austen says things so eloquently and prophetically that it seems only right to sing out in gratitude that perhaps some of the things we are experiencing are as timeless as the Bibles says they are. Austen cuts to the heart of the human condition, revealing our deepest sense of who we are, the relationships we value, and even the natural world we occupy.

As a mother of three, Rachel Hart Winter has discovered a new depth and poignancy in the works of Jane Austen she had devoured in her youth. Devotion to family, the centrality of Austen’s Anglican faith, attention to the details of nature and ordinary life, a profound understanding of love and commitment—these are a few of the themes that reveal Austen’s love of humanity and the world around her. These same themes, illuminated by the modern language of The Message resonate with our own experience some 200 years later. Sources include Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and—perhaps new to many readers—original prayers.


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