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Charles Dickens - Literary Portals to Prayer

Charles Dickens - Literary Portals to Prayer

Jon M. Sweeney

Charles Dickens illuminated by The Message

Charles Dickens could be satirical, ironic, and sceptical when it came to describing religious faith in his stories, yet he was one of the few great novelists of any era who was thoroughly immersed in the Bible.
This book is the perfect gift for fans of Dickens' work, as well as those who have yet to discover some of his writings, and will serve as a welcome resource for those seeking a way to re-ignite their prayer life.

Jon M. Sweeney has written more than 20 books. Seven of those are about Francis of Assisi including When Saint Francis Saved the Church and The Complete Francis of Assisi. HBO has optioned the film rights to Jon’s bestseller, The Pope Who Quit. He lives in Montpelier, Vermont and all of his earnings from this book will be given to the homeless there.

The Literary Portals to Prayer series is the first truly new resource for personal prayer in years. Designed to be a prayer-starter in the "Lectio Divina" tradition, the portal has a passage from the Bible side-by-side with a selection from an author whose work has stood the test of time. Each turn of the page ties together literature and scripture with an insightful theme.


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