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The Third Space Online Resource

The Third Space Online Resource




The Third Space series is a unique project designed in response to the Australian Curriculum’s inclusion of the key elements of diversity competence: intercultural and ethical understanding, personal and social capability, and critical and creative thinking. Comprised of thirteen novellas, The Third Space aims to equip students with the requisite understandings, skills, attitudes and dispositions to deal with difference through reading stories focussed on young protagonists.

This series takes students on an introductory journey out of their own world and into the intriguing world of human diversity. Students are given a unique opportunity to step out of their own space and into ’the third space’ — a space where people of different cultural, racial and belief systems are understood and respected. The novellas provide the conceptual tools and imaginative space to help students discover and participate in this ‘third space’, where multi-culture and multi-faith are key components of a society that is rich, harmonious and inclusive.

An accompanying educator’s guide is also available to facilitate classroom dialogue and provide additional background information on each novella as well as student learning activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum..

Downloadable student activity sheets are provided for each title. 

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