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Called to Be a Catechist Series set of 10 books

Called to Be a Catechist Series set of 10 books

Various Authors

The Called to Be a Catechist Series provides information, guidance, and inspiration to catechists—whether seasoned or rookies—that will help them be more capable and confident in their responsibility of developing the faith in new generations.

Set includes 1 copy of each of the first four books in the series:

The Role of the Catechist

Vocation of the Catechist

Communicating the Faith

Breaking Open the Scriptures

Pondering the Parables

Fostering Spirituality

Celebrating the Sacraments

Abiding in Prayer

Practicing the Beatitudes

Discovering Discipleship

Contributors include: Sue Grenough, Rose L. Bennett, Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Patrick Guentert, Leisa Ansliger, Martin Arsenault, Laverne E. Bertin and many others.


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