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In Season and Out, Homilies for Year A hardcover

In Season and Out, Homilies for Year A hardcover

William J Grimm
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The Catholic liturgical calendar is replete with feasts and celebrations that may or may not fall on Sundays. In this volume, Fr William Grimm complements his homilies for the annual cycles with homilies for feasts that occur each year.

For us in the 21st Century, it is not enough simply to understand what the readings mean as those who composed them intended us to grasp. Our challenge and opportunity is to find out what they mean in our time and contexts two millennia later. Speaking the Word in our time and for our places is the challenge of preaching and, in this volume, Fr Grimm offers his considered reflections on what that task requires.

Every week of the year, Fr Grimm gives visitors to (UCAN) the benefit of his learning, wisdom and experience. Each week, his homilies are seen by some 3,000 visitors to the UCAN site and with subtitles on UCAN’s Vietnamese and Chinese sites.

Now the texts of his homilies for the many special feasts of the year are available not only for preachers when preparing their homilies. They are also accessible in book form and in electronic formats for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the texts or find material for fruitful prayer.

Father Grimm is a Maryknoll Missioner with 40 years experience in Asia mostly Japan, but Hong Kong and Cambodia as well. In that time he has come to deepen his appreciation of the distinctiveness of the message and person of Jesus Christ even in circumstances and among people that Jesus could never have known or imagined.


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