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Friendly Guide to Women in the New Testament

Friendly Guide to Women in the New Testament

Rosemary Canavan
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This Friendly Guide introduces the reader to the multitude of women in the New Testament. All take their place in the story of Jesus and the development of the Jesus movement after the resurrection. They are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives living in the first century, with all of its limitations on their participation in public life. Yet they are present, remembered and influential from Jesus’ birth, through his public ministry to his passion
and death, and as first witnesses to the resurrection. This volume celebrates their contribution and hopes to inspire women and men today in their faithful service.

A Friendly Guide to Women in the New Testament explores in detail what we know of the women from the biblical text and elucidates their faith, courage and action in the mission of Jesus and also that of Paul and the early days of the developing faith communities. The Friendly Guide identifies and highlights the women who came to follow Jesus in his time or after the resurrection. It illuminates their faith, their sharing of their gifts and talents and their contribution as disciples, apostles, benefactors, deacons and household church hosts. At its conclusion, the Friendly Guide finds a beginning and
an invitation to the saints of today to take inspiration and encouragement from these early saints to proclaim the good news in today’s world.


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