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Australian Catholic Youth Ministry

Australian Catholic Youth Ministry

Christian Fini
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The experience of youth ministry in Australia is extremely diverse and challenging at times. Despite recent years of great collaborative initiatives and a growing vision, there continues to be a lack of contemporary resources for youth ministry formation written for Catholic youth ministry leaders working in Australia. This resource is a sharing of knowledge by those with expertise and experience in youth ministry to assist the personal formation and training of Australian youth ministers. It has been written to encourage and develop a culture of producing academic material to assist in the future development of youth ministry in Australia.

Australian Catholic Youth Ministry provides a wealth of knowledge for current and future Australian youth ministers. Providing much needed background and historical information, Australian Catholic Youth Ministry ensures that youth ministers have a comprehensive understanding of their important role and appreciate their significance for the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.
Topics include:

  • The evolving landscape of Australian youth ministry 

  • Vatican II and youth ministry 

  • World Youth Day

  • Youth ministry as youth Evangelisation 

  • Young Church alive in the Cloud 

  • Creating a safe environment for young people 

  • Schools and youth ministry 

  • Self-care of the youth minister 

Edited by Fr Christopher Ryan MGL and Fr Christian Fini, two of Australia’s leading lights in youth ministry in Australia with contributions from authors with considerable experience and expertise in youth ministry:

  • Malcolm Hart 

  • Joel Hodge 

  • Selina Hasham 

  • Steve Toohey 

  • Shayne Bennett 

  • Gabrielle Sinclair 

  • Teresa Rhyenhart 

  • Stefan Gigacz 

  • Teresa Pirola 

  • Peter Woods 

  • Paul Salmon 

  • Marcel Koper


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