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Archways to the Infinite

Archways to the Infinite

Peter Murnane
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Author Peter Murnane became an ordained priest in 1965 and has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in parishes, universities and prisons. In Archways to the Infinite, Peter bares his soul, sharing his life’s journey through anecdotes and reflections, carefully weaving an entertaining and invigorating account of his life as a Dominican Friar.

From his memories as a young child to his arrest as a priest following a major protest at the Waihopai Valley spy base in New Zealand, Peter shares his personal struggles in human rights, censorship, sexuality, celibacy, doctrinal belief, and, above all, his relationship with what he terms The Transcendent.

"This delightful, wise book is not just another memoir but a pilgrimage searching for the sacred. It traces both a personal and universal journey from birth to death. This journey demands courage to be and freedom to let go. On the way it presents both the pain of violence and the healing power of love. The trail moves through myth and metaphor, synchronicity and intuition in its search for truth. It identifies the totally interconnected nature of matter and spirit. Love is the motive force and unifying principle of life. ‘The wonder is that we do not have to find Infinity. With ultimate care for all that it has made, it will find us.’
—Dr Anna Holmes, author and medical practitioner

This is one of the best books I have read in recent times. It is deeply probing and profoundly spiritual, but in a way which is always based on real experience and personal reflection. The mixture of theology and autobiography is all too rare and hard to find these days. One feels here that the head and heart are talking to each other, and we can all listen in to this compelling conversation. The honesty and integrity with which this book is written makes it stand out as one of the most compelling works of its kind in Australian literature. Peter Murnane has set a high standard for those who might attempt this genre in the future. This is the kind of book that is directed to contemporary spiritual need, because what many are looking for are works of religious imagination which ‘ring true’ at the personal and existential level.
Emeritus Professor David Tacey, author and public speaker

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