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Making Decisions Wonderings Big Book

Making Decisions Wonderings Big Book

Rose Inserra
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• Encourage students to 'wonder' about the notion of a moral compass and how to make ethical decisions. • Explore what the Bible tells us about ethics and the importance of doing the 'right thing'. • Investigate the cause-and-effect of various human impacts on the environment and encourage thinking about what we can all do, to take better care of God's earth and the creatures that inhabit it. • Wonder how we can respect each other's differences and how some people seem unable to live together. Use the innovative Wonderings series to stimulate thinking and discussion about important social and personal issues, such as culture, social justice, making decisions and caring for God's earth. The beauty of this one-of-a-kind series, is that it prompts young students to 'wonder' ... not just learn, AND every page gives a number of 'wondering' prompts to encourage students' to think laterally on each topic.

See where ‘Making Decisions’ fits into the ‘To Know Worship and Love’ project.


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