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Songs of the Heart Reflections on the Psalms

Songs of the Heart Reflections on the Psalms

Joan Chittister

Who but Sr Joan Chittister could break open the psalms in such fresh and piercingly tender ways! Her 'soul points' and 'wisdom stories' are unforgettable, both contemporary and timeless.

In this simple and profound book, Sr Joan offers poignant and challenging reflections on twenty-five psalms, each offering a spiritual oasis away from the stresses of a world that demands more than the human soul can sometimes bear.

She believes that the psalms, all pieces of poetry and music, have rich meaning for people today. Her hope is that readers will find new meaning here and then make songs of their own.

Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun, author and speaker, is a bold, clear voice who shows the way to God in all aspects of life, and particularly through prayer. She is author of The Breath of The Soul and the best-selling book, God's Tender Mercy.


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