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World Wide Open

World Wide Open

Juliette Hughes-Norwood
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With their secondary education completed the students rush headlong into their new lives marked by greater freedom and responsibility, perhaps further study, perhaps fulltime work. It is important to mark this milestone and schools do so in a variety of ways. The care and concern that the teachers, staff and parents have for their students do not cease when they finish their studies and a meaningful gift is one way to both mark the occasion and assure them of that continuing care.

World Wide Open is a gift for secondary school graduates that John Garratt Publishing has developed for just this purpose. To put in writing many of the things that you would like to tell these young adults and have them carry with them as they leave your care. To remind them of what they have learned, of how precious they are, to allay some of their fears as they approach this new environment, to advise them on handling some of the situations they many encounter and to let them know that your thoughts and prayers go with them wherever they are.

Author Juliette Hughes-Norwood has written a practical and inspirational text which advises and encourages, reminds them of the tradition that has nurtured them and offers reassurance when the road is not so smooth. With bright contemporary design by Lynne Muir, World Wide Open is a book that will appeal to teachers, parents and students. A thoughtful gift to give and a book to be kept and opened time and time again.

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The book Celebrating You which has been especially written for children graduating from primary school is also available and can be seen online by clicking here.

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