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Gift of Julian of Norwich

Gift of Julian of Norwich

Karen Manton
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Throughout history, God has sent us many inspirational people - almost as ‘gifts’ to guide and awaken us. This attractive series captures in words, stunning pictures and calligraphy - the rare essence and beauty of these extraordinary people. You don’t need gloves to touch these exceptional books, but it almost feels like you should……

In a time of political violence and religious censorship in the fourteenth century, Julian of Norwich dared to speak abut love and her understanding of God through her remarkable book of ‘Showings’ or revelations. This series of sixteen visions came to her during a severe illness when she was thirty. Her message is that God who is all love, all goodness, and the source of all existence, will make all things well.

In this book superb illustrations and calligraphy by award winning artist Lynne Muir bring excerpts from the ‘Showings’ to life, with translations, insights, and a fascinating account of Julian’s world from Karen Manton.


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