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Way of Peace: Readings for a Harmonious Life

Way of Peace: Readings for a Harmonious Life

Michael Leach
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"Peace in the world cannot be made without peace in the heart." —Henri Nouwen

This one-of-a-kind anthology of stories, essays, prayers, and poems is designed to inspire, encourage, and motivate readers of all generations to cultivate peace. The book is divided into three parts: Peace of Heart, Peace on Earth, and Prayers for Peace. They all lead one into another and support each other. The reader will discover an inner peace that seeds peace in the family, the community, the nation, and the world. The book's roster of writers includes:
Michelle Obama
Martin Sheen
Maria Shriver
John Dear
Pope Francis
Pema Chodron
John Lewis
Thomas Merton
Maya Angelou
Dorothy Day
Wendell Berry
....and many others

Michael Leach is publisher emeritus of Orbis Books, and the author and editor of many books including Soul Seeing based on an award-winning series for the National Catholic Reporter. Doris Goodnough is rights and permissions coordinator for Orbis and the co-editor of previous volumes in the Way series. Maria Angelini is managing editor of Orbis.


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