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Berrigan Letters: Personal Correspondence between Daniel and Philip Berrigan

Berrigan Letters: Personal Correspondence between Daniel and Philip Berrigan

Daniel Cosacchi & Eric Martin
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Published for the first time, excerpts from seven decades of letters between the brothers famed for their social activism, civil disobedience, peacemaking efforts, and sharp critiques of American foreign policy.

Not only a valuable academic resource, this book is also a treasure for those devoted to the causes of peacemaking and social justice, revealing insights into the activism of the Berrigans but also profound and moving glimpses of their intense devotion to each other and their unbending faith in the face of great adversity.

While many letters address the issues of war and peace, they also touch on other issues, such as abortion, capital punishment, and politics; on ecclesial issues such as their respective religious orders, prayer, and sacraments; and on their family and personal relationships, including letters sent in the last weeks and months of Philip Berrigan's life.

Daniel Cosacchi is a doctoral candidate in Christian ethics at Loyola University, Chicago. He is currently writing his dissertation entitled "Earthly Destruction: War, the Environment, and Catholic Social Teaching."

Eric Martin is a doctoral student in modern historical theology at Fordham University in New York City. He has taught courses on ethics, environmental ethics, and the religious and political thought of Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr.


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