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1 Samuel: Wisdom Commentary series

1 Samuel: Wisdom Commentary series

Susanne Scholz
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In 1 Samuel, Susanne Scholz offers a feminist, gender-queer, and masculinity-oriented commentary for those seeking a comprehensive study of this Old Testament text conceptually framed around five major areas. Scholz explores the geopolitics of land and gender, variously positioned male characters, the depicted governance model of the emerging monarchy, the ethnonational stereotypes embedded in rhetorical references to the (male) Philistines, and the inscription and erasure of female characters. In looking at these areas, Scholz does not reinforce exegetical complacency within the exegetical status quo but instead produces comprehensive feminist commentary of this Old Testament text.

Susanne Scholz, is professor of Old Testament at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. Among her fourteen books and over sixty essays and journal articles are The Bible as Political Artifact: On the Feminist Study of the Hebrew Bible and Introducing the Women’s Hebrew Bible: Feminism, Gender Justice, and the Study of the Old Testament.. She edited the important anthologies The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible and Doing Biblical Masculinity Studies as Feminist Biblical Studies: Critical Interrogations. She is the editor of the book series Feminist Studies and Sacred Texts.


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