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Marian Approaches to Synodality

Marian Approaches to Synodality

Josephine Lombardi
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Synodality calls the Church to listen, understand, and act in a way that embraces people in the spirit and style of Mary, an exemplar for the process of synodality and women's leadership in the Church. This book explores the theme of the Synod on Synodality, "For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission," providing an overview of the main documents of the synodal process from a Marian perspective and a vision rooted in Vatican II. Mary, "she who knows the way," shows us how to accompany others, foster greater communion and participation, and renew our focus on our baptismal mission.

Foreword by Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ

"Dr. Lombardi names Mary as a 'synodal way' and 'accompanying witness' to the spirit's guidance of the synodal process. Marian Approaches to Synodality tells us to listen to her son, to the spirit—essential for discerning topics like the role of women in the Church. Engaging in her review of Marian theology."
Moira McQueen, LLB, MDiv, PhD, DSL (Hon), executive director, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and author of Walking Together: A Primer on the New Synodality

Dr. Josephine Lombardi is an award-winning author and educator and a documentary filmmaker who has worked as a parish minister, university campus minister, high school chaplaincy leader, teacher educator, professor of religious education, retreat facilitator, and faith formation consultant. Presently, she is assistant dean of academic affairs and an associate professor of pastoral and systematic theology for St. Augustine's Seminary in Scarborough, Ontario.


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