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Happy the People: When Love Becomes Justice

Happy the People: When Love Becomes Justice

Marie D. Hoff
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The social justice teachings of the Church are a genuine source of pride for all contemporary Catholics, yet many people are a bit unsure just what those teachings are. In Happy the People, Marie D. Hoff assists us to better understand the basic themes of Catholic social justice teachings through an individual or group study format. Using teaching documents and Scripture, we are not only taught about social teaching, but how it is important to recognize in our own lives where and how this teaching comes to play.

Topics covered include foundations and values of Catholic social justice teaching, human dignity and human rights, participation in the community for the common good, work and economic life, globalization, care for creation, peacemaking, and putting social justice into action.

Marie D. Hoff, Ph.D., received her doctorate in social welfare and has taught social policy for 13 years at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She spent 5 years developing a Catholic Charities agency for the entire state of Idaho, including educating and assisting parishes to become involved in both charitable and social justice work. Through the years, she has given numerous lectures and workshops, directed services to clients, and planned programs and volunteer community work for social concerns.


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