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Celebrating Saints Class Set offer + Free Teacher Guide

Celebrating Saints Class Set offer + Free Teacher Guide

Joanne Crawford & Anne-Maree Scown
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Pack containing 25 copies of the Celebrating Saints Student Workbook and 1 copy of the Celebrating Saints Teacher Guide.

Student Workbook

Have you ever wondered why someone would trade a life of wealth to live in poverty? How difficult was it to establish schools in early Australia? Why would someone give up their life for a stranger? How does one become a saint?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this inspiring book, Celebrating Saints- Student Workbook. Saints are celebrated by the Church on their individual feast days, and there are rituals and customs to remember the lives and deeds of these Spirit-filled individuals. Be immersed in their stories and complete exciting activities while being enriched on your personal journey of faith.

At Confirmation you will be asked to choose the name of a saint whom you admire and aspire to be like. Which saint will be your role model, and one that you can pray to for guidance?

Teacher Guide

Celebrating Saints - Teacher Guide explores the lives of 18 faith-filled men and women, who are proclaimed saints by the Catholic Church and as role models of discipleship - men and women who inspire others to serve God in their everyday life.

Written and designed for Teachers, Celebrating Saints - Teacher Guide will enhance classroom delivery within a Religious Education Program and is linked to the general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.

The activities are designed to emphasise the importance of saints’ feast days within the Church calendar year, and comprehensively explain the reason these saints are recognised and honoured by the Catholic Church.

The unique features of this guide include:
-Learning focus statements and key concepts covered in the unit of work
-Teaching strategies, resource materials and activities that match the style and scope used in other areas of the curriculum
-Key questions to promote informed discussion
-Essential background information plus additional teaching ideas
-Suggestions for prayer to complete your lesson
-Australian case studies and interviews with Spirit-filled men and women living their faith today
-Special emphasis on saints linked to names and the sacrament of Confirmation

Celebrating Saints - Teacher Guide is designed to support educators when using the Celebrating Saints - Student workbook in the classroom.

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