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The Sacraments: Thoughtful Reflections for Catechists

The Sacraments: Thoughtful Reflections for Catechists

Halbert Weidner

In a warm and friendly conversational style, Father Hal shares with catechists the deep and true meaning of each of our seven sacraments. He sees them as essential to the catechetical message and a source of nourishment for catechists themselves. Though his message is brief and to the point, his goal is to help catechists enter a lifelong process of deepening their understanding of the sacraments. He invites them, above all, to make solid connections between sacramental theology and the daily practice of their faith.

Each chapter contains what he calls “sacrament essentials,” customs, theology, and practice, including the words and actions that are part of the liturgical celebrations of the sacraments. These meditations are followed by questions for personal and/or group reflection and a beautiful summary prayer.


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